Lian-Li PC-C37B Aluminum HTPC Case - Black


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Lian-Li PC-C37B Aluminum HTPC Case - Black For today's users who want to access more media files, Lian Li has upgraded the PC-C35 to PC-C37BMUSE. It has the same quality and silky look, but with more internal space for power users! The User Interface is a very important key in the Lian Li chassis. The external fixture, user interface and the internal structure have all been tested to meet Lian Li’s high quality standards. To fit PC-C37B MUSE in the living room, Lian Li designer has designed the PC-C37B MUSE size to match with standard audio equipment. Although it sports a slim, elegant design, the PC-C37B still has room for a standard size 5.25" ODD and two 3.5" HDDs. To keep the system samll, this case is designed to work with Micro ATX motherboards, and has space for a standard ATX PS/2 power supply. PC-C37B MUSE also features modular device cages, which can fit standard hardware component. To reduce the noise, there are EMI springs fittted onto the chassis to absorb the vibrations between the chassis and the top cover. On the other hand, to reduce the vibration from HDD, Lian Li has included an HDD anti-vibration kit which uses the rubber ring to absorb the virbration in order to reduce noise. Because aluminum can remove heat four times faster than steel, the PC-C37B MUSE's aluminum alloy chassis can help keep your system cooler and last a lifetime. Cooling the hardware in this type of silm case is not a easy job. However, the PC-C37B Muse features a side intake vent with a 70mm silm intake fan @1500RPM to input cool air to keep the system temperature at an ideal operating level. Vents located on the top cover, above the CPU cooler, allow the CPU cooler to get the fresh cool air to cool the CPU and the components next to it.